Market & Penn Street Farmers' Market

380 West Market Street, York, PA 17401    

Established 1866
Market Hours - Tuesday, Friday, Saturday - 6 AM - 3 PM

Free Off-Street Parking Every Market Day! On Rabbit Transit Bus Line!   


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Ramon's One Stop Shop$

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Jigg's and Maggie's

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Mom's Bean Pies

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Ken Weaver Meats

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Now located at corner of Penn & Market, just outside the market.

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Peggy's Whatnot Corner

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Solving the World's Problems, one fastnacht 

 at a time. 

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Historic Advertising Painting

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Sweet Escapes 

Cupcake Bar

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Keeney's York County Potatoes

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The REAL Boss of Miller's Chicken 

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Miller's  Fresh Produce

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Historic Farmer's Market Today

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Market Fresh Produce

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Fresh Local Produce Daily

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Charles Ilyes Family

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R L Godfrey

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Fresh Mountain Cooking

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Market House Deli Famous Pickles

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Market House Deli

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Farmer's Market Cookbook

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Sechrist Brothers 


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New vendors coming soon! 

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Wolfgang Outlet

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Ritter's Creative Services

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For our Furry Friends

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Cabbage Soup

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Ken Rhine Electronics

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Plenty of Free Off-Street Parking Every Market Day

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Eat Sechrist Hot Dogs!

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Everything you need at Mr. Bill's Cans!

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Out to lunch!

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Ilyes Family

This page always under construction.  New vendors will be added soon.